• New York
    New York

    A wet and windy Wednesday afternoon. October. New York. NYC. The Big Apple. Standing on a rock in the middle of Central Park, Dick Hubbard announces to the world, well, Diana (aka Mrs Hubbard), his plan to start creating cereals that would make New Zealand proud and healthier at the same time. The rain stopped. The clouds parted. Yet the rock Dick was standing on remained none the wiser.

  • Our Very First Cereals

    We remember Dick’s birthday for a very special reason. Not because he’s the boss (that is a good reason though). No. It’s because on this day, Diana popped our three very first recipes into his birthday card. One of them was our now famous Fruitful Breakfast. It was a very happy birthday.

  • A Change of Name

    Tuesday. 25th of September. Woke up. Got out of bed. Stubbed toe on kitchen table. Had a brain wave about changing the company name. It’s a little know fact that we were originally called ‘Winners’. But we quickly realised that it wasn’t as good as, well, Hubbards. So we went with that. We also had a second brainwave about a healthy cereal full of goodness. A cereal full of oats, seeds, nuts, fruit and other amazing things. We call it ‘Fruitful Breakfast’. It’s NZ’s first-ever homemade Muesli. Hubbards is truly born.

  • Clipboard Issue #1

    Hot off the press... or photocopier, Clipboard Issue #1 hits kitchen tables everywhere. With topical stories and information about what we were trying to achieve at Hubbards, the first issue was a success. Which was nice as Dick originally said, ‘If anyone yawns, I’ll quietly discontinue it’. 120 odd issues later, it’s still going strong in the age of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Yoghurt Coated Raisins We Love You

    We’ll admit it. Dipping raisins into yoghurt isn’t exactly the first thing you think of when it comes to making cereal. But we thought we’d have a go anyway. And boy was it worth the effort! After eating far, far too many, we thought it high time a few Yoghurt Coated Raisins were added to our recipes. We were clearly on to something good.

  • ‘Mildred The Mixer’

    Take your average concrete mixer. Give it a good scrub. Throw some of our Muesli in there and you have ‘Mildred The Muesli Mixer’. Inspired by all things #8 wire, Mildred gave us some glorious years of service, mixing away our Mueslis. Now long since retired and replaced by slightly more advanced machinery, she now has pride of place in our Mangere Shed.

  • The Curious Tale of Bugs 'n' Mud

    Moments of ‘Genius’ can strike at anytime. Take the story of our first kids cereal, Bugs 'n' Mud. We could not find inspiration anywhere until one day, after a minor mishap with some over-puffed rice pops, we noticed they looked a little bit Bug-like. Boom! Coat them in Jaffa-Cocoa and away we go.

  • Outward Bound

    We’ve been fans of the Outward Bound program for years now, and in 1997 we decided to make a cereal for those who love getting out in the great Kiwi outdoors and doing amazing things. To help others also sample the inspiring Outward Bound experience, we decided to donate a small sum of each pack sold to Outward Bound. To date, we’ve raised over $2 million. That’s helped fund courses, scholarships and equipment. But then you can’t put a value on the experience gained by those who’ve taken part.

  • Simply Muesli

    Keep it simple. We love that saying. So, after a few requests to make a muesli that the whole family could enjoy, we went back to the kitchen table and came up with Simply, an uncomplicated simple offering that everyone can enjoy. We were kicking ourselves for not having thought of it sooner.

  • NZ Business for Social Responsibility Organisation

    Being in business is one thing, but being aware of how your business affects the lives of those around you is another. We felt that it was time to bring the two together. So we formed the NZ Business for Social Responsibility Organisation. It was clear we were onto a good thing as the support from the community was overwhelming. 

  • Picnic in Samoa

    Mr Hubbard is a very kind man. So kind in fact he surprised us all with a trip to Samoa to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Some people out there at the time thought it was a little irrational, but not us. As we packed our jam sandwiches, we all thought, ‘What a lovely idea’. Or as Dick said, “Sometimes you have to be irrational in order to bring sunshine into the lives of people”. Enough said.

  • Sing-a-long Susan Prentice

    Sometimes a cause comes along that you feel is so right, you want to sing about it from the roof tops. Which is pretty much what we did when we heard about the stirling work World Vision does around the globe. Cue a series of Sing-A-Longs with Susan Prentice and more than 500 kids. All for a very, very good cause. Even if our ears drums disagreed.

  • Light & Right is Born

    Nothing puts a bigger smile on our faces than creating something new. So when we launched our Light & Right range, we were grinning from ear to ear. It really was a cereal with a difference. Flakes, fruit pieces and yoghurt-coated flakes that also got the Heart Foundation Tick of Approval. Which is a massive bonus in our book.

  • Light & Right Wins Two Awards

    When The National Heart Foundation of New Zealand gave us their Nutrition award, and the Image Coding Technologies Cereal and Bread Products Award was handed to us for our Light & Right range, it was all a bit much. It’s not everyday you win awards like these. Anyway, we were humbled and are pretty proud of that achievement. Definitely a pat on the back.

  • We Launch More Thank Goodness Gluten Free

    The great thing about creating new flavours is, well, coming up with them! Anything’s possible. So after a chat at the round table, we all decided that Gluten Free Cocoa Puffs and Cornflakes would be an instant winner. Not to blow our own trumpet or anything, but they were a bit of a hit. To top it off, some of our younger fans were also pretty keen on them too. Two birds. One stone.

  • Solar Energy To The Rescue!

    After installing 160 solar panels onto our shed roof, we were ready to use the sun’s natural goodness to power a few of our muesli making machines. It was the largest installation of its kind in New Zealand at the time. We also owe a big thank-you to Vector for partnering with us on this project. So now we have food that’s kind of made by the sun.

  • Our 21st Birthday!

    Our 21st Birthday bash was celebrated by hosting a creative writing competition that encouraged people to send in their best stories. We were blown away as 300 entries came flooding through the door about love, families, personal milestones and even household pets! We ended up publishing the ‘Kiwi Gemlet Booklet’ and popped them in each box marked with our 21st Birthday Special Edition packaging.

  • New New New Mueslis!

    Ta Da!!!! Dun Dun Darrrrrr! OK, fanfare over. After plenty of hard work behind the scenes creating eight amazing new recipes, we proudly announce the arrival of our brand spanking NEW Mueslis. With flavours such as Natural 5 Fruits & Honey, Toasted Feijoa & Apple and Double Toasted Golden Syrup & Cranberry, they’re also full of the stuff that’ll make you want to get out into the world and achieve super amazingness. Whatever that may be.