We’re firm believers in ‘doing’ here at Hubbards. We also love to roll up our sleeves and help out in the community whenever we can. And when you combine both of these, amazing things can happen (to the left are just some of the projects we’ve been involved with). But what really gets us feeling proud and excited is when we hear about all the amazing things you, the great New Zealand public, are doing out there in Kiwi land. Ran a marathon dressed as a Rhino for charity? Climbed Mt Cook backwards? Started a community vegetable patch or knitted jumpers for stranded penguins? Whatever amazing things you’ve done or your friends are up to, we’re all ears. Send us your stories of amazingness to hello@hubbards.co.nz or even better, come and tell us all about it on our Facebook page. Aside from helping spread the word about your amazing deeds, charity or cause, we may post a little something to say ‘Well done and keep up the amazing work’.